This is a high impact program for players of all age groups. We have conducted this program for several state level sides and academies. We were overwhelmed by the feedback received from the players and their coaches.

“BELIEVE, You are a Game Changer” - Level 1

An overview of what our module will cover:

  • Understanding success principles and practices to design a career
  • Eliminating the limiting beliefs that lets the player down
  • Enable them to develop new beliefs to be at their best.
  • Learning how attention and intention creates our reality
  • Understand and apply the Power of positive communication
  • Experience and design the Power of visualization in achieving results
  • Create a vision for a bright career in their sport.


  • Presentation of concepts
  • Self-awareness questionnaires
  • Break out room activities and debrief for learning
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions & Role plays
  • Video clippings for learning impact

(The LEVEL-2 modules will be more customised and will be conducted in 3 sessions for those who complete Level-1)