The Transformational Programs

Mfore has created holistic programs that aim to impart greater knowledge, skills and insights into the creative and innovative aspects of the mind. Every program has been developed or curated by certified mind trainers and leadership coaches. More and more experts are identifying the need for players to move away from the traditional skill training to include mindskills. With these transformational programs, coaches and players will look at problem solving and decision making from a completely different perspective.

Mental conditioning coach should not be the one who comes for 15 days, because when you come for 15 days your are only sharing the experience.If the mental conditioning coach is constantly with the player he can understand what are the areas which are affecting his sport– MS Dhoni
The Transformational Coaches Program
The Participants
The Format
The Trainers

Transformational Programs Player-centric Approach

  • Contribute innovatively, to the growth and effectiveness of players
  • Have a sound understanding of the techniques and processes of the mind
  • Tools & techniques to apply them to everyday situations
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  • Thrive on solving everyday problems in new, different and better ways
  • Break out from the restrictions and boundaries of conventional thinking
  • Generate new and better ways of using the power of mind to achieve peak performance
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  • Recognize the need and importance of mind skills training
  • Revolutionize the need for mind skills training in players of all kinds
  • Inspire and form unique bond with students and coaches
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  • Get an insight on the mind of the player
  • Learn to listen and deliver
  • Learning to support the player at home
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If you think you can, you are right.
If you think you can’t, you are right.

Watch this video of a live experiment of 4 people lifting a well-built person with just two fingers each. To get through any hardship, one must tell themselves, “I can” and do it effortlessly. By unleashing the power of their minds.